Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Poirot at Christmas...

I am starting to realise that Christmas is not just the season to be jolly.

It is also the season for children to don their Sherlock hats, get out their magnifying glasses, and suspiciously scrutinise all things Santa.

We are getting away with it so far, given the boys are only five and two. 
However, I did notice that this year there are many more questions, followed by much longer, rather terrifying hesitations before our answers are accepted.

The other day our eldest turned to me with what he claimed was a very important question..."Mummy, Santa's reindeers can't run as fast as Superman can they? So how can he get to everyone's house in one night?"

It's just all getting a bit complicated! 

Last year I distinctly remember my husband threatening to text Father Christmas if there was any bad behaviour.
This year the boy would probably ask to see the reply.

This year as is tradition in our family, we spent a fab week at the winter wonderland at Center Parcs.
When we got home we put the Christmas decorations up and we found the previous years' photos with Santa from Center Parcs...

I noticed the big lad was just sitting looking at the photos for a considerable length of time.

I did not catch on at first but then the horror hit me...he was comparing the Father Christmas's!

I quickly tried to cover the conspiracy up by focusing on how much the boys had changed over the years. Obviously the same goes for Santa!

For now the secret is safe.
Mum's the word.