Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bridget only goes and has a bloomin baby!

It's not a spoiler (given the title) but our Bridget has only gone and got herself a bun in the oven in the latest of the Bridget Jones films.

Image result for bridget jones babyBridget Jones's baby is an absolute must for anyone wanting an easy to watch, laugh out loud, feel good film. I was a big fan of the first instalment of Bridget films fifteen years ago (really, that long ago) but I thought the second in 2004 was a bit disappointing and not nearly as funny. Well it seems that a lengthy break was exactly what it needed as this third instalment is back to classic Bridget.

Looking considerably older (because they are) Bridget and Mark find themselves back in a majorly awkward situation (what's new) with Bridget discovering she is pregnant but not knowing whether Mark is the father or whether it is the hot bloke she had a one night stand with when she was dragged to a music festival with a work friend.

Classic moments such as Bridget turning up to the music festival completely unprepared and falling arse over tit into a bog dressed in white trousers are easy laughs but sometimes that is exactly what you want when you go to the cinema.

A bit of eye candy is involved in the form of Patrick Dempsey who plays the American millionaire candidate for the paternity of Bridget's baby.

Overall lots of fun and the ending leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside.