Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cute factor

Last night we attended our son's first ever school parents evening.

We got to look at his work books. It was so lovely to see how hard he has been trying in class.

His teacher is very happy with how he has settled in and how he is progressing. She did however tell us that the little man is not tucking into his school dinners with the gusto of boy his size.

This being said we decided to give him a Spider-Man lunch box (that had been put aside for a Christmas present) as a reward for such a good report.

As soon as he saw it he asked if he could take sandwiches to school the next day.
I was planning on him trying a packed lunch next week but the subject was not going to be dropped and I gave in and agreed.

I have never seen anyone get so excited over something so seemingly normal to us old boring people.

He was ready for school half an hour earlier than usual despite me telling him that dinner time was at the same time no matter when he arrived.

On the walk to school he carried the lunch box in numerous positions- swapping hands, tucking it under his arm.

He asked me several times if I would like to feel how heavy it was.
He then decided he would rest the lunch box on top of his brothers buggy and admire it from afar.

He showed it off to his best friend like it was the most special thing to him in the world.

The cutest moment came when the lunch box fell on the floor from the buggy (gasp I hear you say!).

He picked up the lunch box. Blew off some non-existent dust and then gave it a shine with his hand.

Such innocence. His pride was so obvious.

I wanted to scoop him up (in a fashion, I'm sure he is about six foot eight already!) and give him a big kiss but he has his reputation to think of these days so I refrained.

Tonight is his first school disco.
I will probably cry.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Lovely Autumn

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year.

Getting all wrapped up and going for a walk with the kids is lovely, especially because we always plan a coffee stop somewhere along the way!

I really wish the boys would stay in bed past six am, especially at the weekends. Being up early does mean we often get to see the best part of the day though.

Autumn also brings fun times like Halloween  and bonfire night and although not 'officially', you can start thinking about all things Christmas!

I took these photos at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham

Good times.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


So half term already feels like ages ago and we are nicely settling back into the school routine.

The eldest little man has been making me chuckle lately.
His 'half Yorkshire' breeding has always been prominent in his personality.
Since being able to talk confidently he has been putting the world to rights with his little pearls of wisdom.
Often I think all he needs is a flat cap and a whippet.

This morning I was making everyone a bacon sandwich when he commented on how nice the meat was and asked if it was on offer at morrisons!

Not a particularly funny thing to say except when it is out the mouth of a four year old.

This week he has adamantly put forward his argument that a tomato is a vegetable and not a fruit. His closing statement was that they 'grow on stalks so must be a vegetable.' How could I argue with that.

He has sat very nicely at the dinner table and explained to his baby brother that if he didn't eat his carrots then he wouldn't be able to see the fireworks at night.

He got frustrated when I asked him if he had done Spanish at school one day this week. His response to this silly question was 'of course mummy because we had p.e. this afternoon.' My fault for obviously not realising the two were related.

Today he decided I needed to know that a certain boy in his class often has a poo at school.
Then came the anecdote about the time that said boy popped his head around the toilet door whilst my little man was having a wee to let him know he was having a poo and that it was smelly. I laughed but my boy said he did not find it funny.

I sometimes wish I was video recording just 'normal' conversations I have
With my little chap. I would love to play them back to him when he is a teenager!