Sunday, 23 March 2014

On Demand

I wonder if anyone has ever kept count of the number of demands made by small children in one day.

I estimate that in our house at the moment we get about....six million! Ok, that's an exaggeration, I would say the littlest dude makes at least a couple of hundred a day and the big lad probably about a hundred.

The demands start from the moment they wake up. The earliest requests being for immediate sustinence to fill their tummies and immediate entertainment, in the form of the television. 

This post is called 'On Demand' because I blame modern technology for a high proportion of the demands made by our little monkeys. 
It's not enough to just want to watch a certain channel at a certain time, the boys know that thanks to 'On Demand' and the ability to record programs so easily they have a virtually endless supply of their favourite programs.
Obviously, one child's favourite program could not possibly be the others so the arguments and tantrums that are television related are rather high.

Our eldest cherub once looked at me in utter disgust at my response when he asked me if I could pause the upstairs television while he went for a wee.  I'm afraid this TV doesn't have pause on it I tentatively replied. Fail.

Some of the littlest ones favourite demands at the moment are: 
Polar Express DVD- this has been put away for next Christmas and yet we get a daily demand for it.
Biscuit please- this boy would live on custard creams if we let him.
Mr Tumble Game on the Ipad- I have had to put a stop to this because of the trouble  it causes when I switch it off.
Daddy- just a general request for his favourite person which occurs numerous times when the other half is at work.
Mummy Smells- this is my least favourite request. It is a game on The hubby's phone where you talk to a funny cat and he repats what you say in a squeaky voice. The first phrase the boys used was, yep you've guessed it, Mummy Smells. 

I'm surrounded by boys. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Free time

I have found myself unavoidably with time on my hands. 
It is not a common occurrence.
If it does happen it is usually thanks to the onset of some unwelcome germs, as is the case at the moment.

Therefore it is quite likely that I will attempt (when the little ones are otherwise occupied) to keep myself from going stir crazy by blogging.
I am not renowned for being the greatest at staying at home.  I suffered with months of sickness when pregnant with both our boys and being housebound almost drove me to despair. 
I am under instruction to take it easy which I promise to do (other than the occasional whip round with the hoover- ssshh, don't tell).

Today I have mostly been......

Learning about taps and toilets.

Oh no, she's already lost it I hear you cry- the cabin fever has kicked in already! 
No, seriously, I have actually learned more about taps and toilets today that I have (or ever wished too) in my life so far. 
I have decided that I am pretty useless- when I turn the tap, water comes out of it and when I push the button on the loo it flushes. And that's about the limit of my knowledge.

Thank goodness for clever people.
One of our neighbours happens to be a plumber and he kindly rang to attempt to diagnose the problem with the toilet. My uselessness even extended to me being unable (for some unknown reason) to successfully send him a picture of the flush. Anyway, whilst said plumber neighbour was talking me through the ins and outs of a cistern (I have even just googled that word to make sure I was spelling it correctly) I made the decision that if ever we did have to fend for ourselves in some unlikely apocalyptic, World War Z type event I would certainly be classed as dispensable. 

Now, don't get me wrong, if zombies did take over the world and Brad Pitt proved to be rather useless at saving us all, I am not sure me knowing the workings of a toilet would be massively useful.
Anyway, I feel I have veered from the point (if there is one) and need to return to today.

Today, the extremely useful and much loved father of mine, aka Grandpops braved the germs to help fix the kitchen tap. Now Grandpops is an electrician, but he also acts as mechanic, plumber, gardener, child minder and general handyman. The boys are inevitably growing up with absolutely no doubt that their Grandpops can fix anything ( no pressure Dad). Freddie is Grandpops mad at the moment and spends much of his time waiting for the next opportunity to help Grandpops with his jobs at home. 
So before the onset of all my Mothers Day ramblings next week which is inevitable, here's to you Dad and your ridiculous ability to mend things.

I vow to listen more intently when people are telling me how to fix things and to attempt to appreciate things don't just work because they do!

Ps hope you like the extremely exciting photos.