Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weird wake up call

Today it was the husbands turn to have a lie in.
It was all going very well until he got the strangest wake up call ever... "Daddy, mummy says you need to come down because Freddie has got his head stuck in a chair. Also, I am watching teenage mutant ninja turtles."

Unsurprisingly the other half was more interested in the news relating to the stuck head than the television viewing of the big lad.

So, Freddie had managed to put his head through a gap in his plastic red chair and for the life of me (without removing his ears) i couldnt get it back out.
Panic was setting in. Freddie was screaming and wiggling which was not helping and there was talk of ringing for the firemen.

Daddy saved the day, and was obviously more confident in the staying power of Freddie's ears as he removed said boys head from the chair.

Ahh relaxing Sunday mornings, you cant beat em!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Not exactly mid-life crisis

It has just hit home....I turn thirty in a few months.
I never even considered for a moment that it would bother me. But it does. I like being twenty something.

I have always felt older than I am. I don't mean physically or mentally I have just always gotten the impression that people have perceived me to be older than my age.
This has never been a problem in my head....until now. 

I was twenty three when I got married and twenty four when I had our eldest. By today's standards that is rather young but I was absolutely ready for marriage and motherhood. However it is hard to believe that that was seven years ago! How can I nearly be thirty?!? 

This week at work I registered a newborn baby who's mum was only twenty one years old. She was lovely and we were having a nice chat about midwife care when she said the following, and I quote..."things would have been much different when you did it."
That sentence knocked the stuffing out of me and I felt old. I wanted to burst into tears and tell her that I was only eight years older than her but obviously, ever the professional, I smiled and nodded.

When I told the hubby, he burst out laughing saying, and once again I quote..."it's like she thinks you gave birth in the Call The Midwife era." Less than helpful.

I have been shopping to buy some 'young' clothes, I may start listening to radio one instead of my James Blunt albums and I think a spontaneous membership to a gym I will never attend is definitely in order.