About Me

First of all, thanks for checking out my blog.

My name is Aimee Sawyer, I live with my husband who I have been happily married to since September 2007. I am 29 years old and my husband is 42. We have two son's, the eldest was born in June 2008 and the youngest arrived rather dramatically in August 2011.

I decided to start writing a blog a few weeks after my youngest son was born in order to keep family and friends posted regarding his progress. This is how my love of blogging started and it continues to grow every day. 

I love writing and you can find my column in the Nottingham Post once a month in the family section or on the Nottingham Post website.

I have lots of interests and passions - the most significant obviously being my family and ensuring that my boys have the best possible upbringing and enjoy all the opportunities available to them.
I love reading as much as I love writing. I studied History and American studies at Keele University and felt completely in my element sat surrounded by piles of literature in the university library. 

I am a registrar and currently work part time. I really enjoy the variety of my job. One day I will be conducting weddings , civil partnerships and naming ceremonies and the next I will be registering births and deaths. I get to meet lots of people doing my job and get to help them at either the happiest time if their lives or the most difficult.

Films are a big passion of mine. I love a wide range of genres from Reservoir Dogs to Little Women. I could chat about films forever! I will not hear a bad word spoken about Mr Dicaprio. I believe Leonardo has never made a bad film and would challenge anyone to name one.

Our eldest son is currently in year one at primary school and the youngest goes to nursery two days a week. They are wonderful, fun loving boys. Our eldest is currently into Aikido and swimming. He is a very clever boy and loves reading and writing and making things out if our recycling rubbish box! The littlest member of the family is the performer at home- give him his music player and microphone and he is in his element, he loves dancing and being silly with his big brother.

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