Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fat Club

I have been going to Slimming World for the past eight months and have lost a stone in total in that time. Although I'm happy that I have hovered around that stone loss for a while I have had a serious lack of motivation lately to lose anymore.

Today I have been to weigh-in and I have put 1 1/2 pounds on this past week. This does not come as a big surprise given the nachos, the chocolate, the wine etc etc.

I am however looking for a bit of a boost to get the weight loss going again so have decided to look for this in one of my favourite past times...blogging!
 I got my hands on the latest copy of the Slimming World magazine today and that always helps when feeling a bit lacking in inspiration. It looks like the summer issue is packed full of recipes so I'm going to try and have a go at cooking lots of those.

The relationship that us women have with our bodies is a turbulent one to say the least. I am having a fat week this week. Not helped by PMT I feel irritable, bloated and generally a bit of a chubster. This is where the control factor comes into play for me. Because I have fallen off the SW plan bandwagon recently I feel like I have lost control over my diet and I don't like this feeling. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself but I'm terrible for thinking "well I'm having a bad day on the diet anyway so I might as well carry on pigging out!" There is no way I'm going to deny myself a couple of glasses of vino on a Saturday night or a nice meal out every now and again but I'm going to try and change my attitude and get back onto plan quicker after the treat!

Right I'm off to get some chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner.

I do love a bit of organisation!

Watch this space