Saturday, 3 November 2012


So half term already feels like ages ago and we are nicely settling back into the school routine.

The eldest little man has been making me chuckle lately.
His 'half Yorkshire' breeding has always been prominent in his personality.
Since being able to talk confidently he has been putting the world to rights with his little pearls of wisdom.
Often I think all he needs is a flat cap and a whippet.

This morning I was making everyone a bacon sandwich when he commented on how nice the meat was and asked if it was on offer at morrisons!

Not a particularly funny thing to say except when it is out the mouth of a four year old.

This week he has adamantly put forward his argument that a tomato is a vegetable and not a fruit. His closing statement was that they 'grow on stalks so must be a vegetable.' How could I argue with that.

He has sat very nicely at the dinner table and explained to his baby brother that if he didn't eat his carrots then he wouldn't be able to see the fireworks at night.

He got frustrated when I asked him if he had done Spanish at school one day this week. His response to this silly question was 'of course mummy because we had p.e. this afternoon.' My fault for obviously not realising the two were related.

Today he decided I needed to know that a certain boy in his class often has a poo at school.
Then came the anecdote about the time that said boy popped his head around the toilet door whilst my little man was having a wee to let him know he was having a poo and that it was smelly. I laughed but my boy said he did not find it funny.

I sometimes wish I was video recording just 'normal' conversations I have
With my little chap. I would love to play them back to him when he is a teenager!

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