Saturday, 8 December 2012

How many sleeps till Santa?

On the first of December our eldest boy came down stairs declaring "Merry Christmas" to all.

I reminded him of the following things.

1. It is half six in the morning. Set your voice to early morning volume.

2. It is not Christmas yet.

I was unaware (but promptly corrected) of an unwritten childhood rule that Christmas starts from the first of December. Also, Christmas has no place for the early morning voice volume.

I have watched the Polar Express approximately 523 times since then.

I love a bit of Christmas really.

Playing Christmas is actually one of my favourite games.
I am ordered to 'pretend' to go to sleep whilst Santa delivers my presents.
I never have a problem 'pretending' to sleep.

I laughed out loud today when the big little man asked me to dress his baby brother like an elf because he is the same size as one.

Quote of the day.... (There are two actually)

In the car:

"Mum it's cold. Ask Dad to put the air fresher on."

"How far is it? What junction are we up too?"

He's four years old going on forty?


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