Monday, 14 January 2013

Sleepless in The East Midlands

I was wondering the other day whether pre-children I had the energy levels of some kind of superhuman Wonder Woman?

I curse myself for ever having complained about being tired before the sproglets arrived...

"That dog barking woke me up last night I'm shattered."

"I had a funny dream last night I don't think I slept very well."

"You were snoring."

Screw you pre-children self!
You didn't even know the meaning of the word tired.

I'm sure you have realised from my rantings that we have not been having the most settled nights of late.

If it hasn't been the littlest little man's coughs and colds keeping him and us up, it has been the big little man deciding to wake up every hour for very random reasons.

Last nights reasons include:

My feet have come out the do do ( our strange word for quilt)

My leg hurts, oh no actually my arm hurts.

I can't remember what I wanted.

All of the above are invalid reasons for waking mummy and daddy up.
I have tried to explain that the only reason the boy has to get up in the night is if he needs the toilet.
The other night he called my bluff and claimed to need a wee five times throughout the night.

I am going about my daily chores looking like a character from The Walking Dead (not one of the good looking good guys either!).

I have decided the reason for lack of sleep could be one of several things..

1. Both boys have got into a bad habit of pouncing on their daddy just before bed time to give him his daily beating ritual. This makes them hyper and I'm thinking not in the best frame of mind for going to bed.

2. The biggest boy knows that the littlest boy often gets up in the night and gets attention. Maybe subconsciously he is waking for attention.

3. As with most things it is probably a phase!

The night that they both sleep no doubt I will wake up anyway thinking there is something wrong!

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