Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Days...

So, the summer holidays are here. 

Six weeks of endless "what are we doing today Mummy" and "I'm a bit bored" has arrived. 

We are a family that likes to get out and about. Often we do question why we cram so much into our weekends, when we go back to work Monday feeling exhausted. We know the answer of course. Time flies. The boys are only going to be this age once and we want to make the most of the enthusiastic, full of energy stages that they are both at.

I have, however decided that we need to combine full days out with days at home playing games and in the garden. Six weeks is a long time and I think for everyone's sake we need to have a nice balance of the two.

The sunshine we are currently experiencing lots of, obviously helps with my plan for a combination of days away and days at home. Yesterday we had a lovely full day at the seaside...

Living in the Midlands the seaside often feels a million miles away. We forget that actually we can get to one of our favourite places in less than two hours.
This is the beach at Chapel St Leonard's. A massive, beautiful sandy beach where the sea is never too far out for a paddle or a swim and shells for collecting are a plenty all over.

This photo was taken at eight o'clock last night. Past the boys' bedtime which makes playing 'beach cafe' even more exciting!

Parking at Chapel point costs a pound for the whole day. We took a picnic on the beach and after a few hours on the sand walked along the front to Chapel village (about twenty minute walk with the little ones). 

Our usual order of one toffee, one rum raisin, one mint Choc and one strawberry ice cream went down very well. Then the boys had some of their pennies to spend. '2p machines' are a favourite!

We had a lovely day and did not need to spend very much money to have lots of fun.

One of the boys' favourite games to play on the garden is 'tea party'. They set up their little table and chairs and get some of their toys sat round for cups of tea and snacks! Now, they are happy for the cups of tea to be pretend but when it comes to the snacks they expect the real deal and not surprisingly their 'friends' are always hungry!

Definitely a smiley face with this in his hand! The big lad prefers the raspberry flavour and the little one likes the chocolate...and Mummy likes both!

 Here's to an awesome, fun filled summer.

If all else fails you could always invest in a bouncy cage...

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  1. Good ideas for Summer fun. Lovely photos and we too are great fans of the tea party with any excuse used for one. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part