Friday, 13 February 2015

The Twilight Zone...

This parenthood malarkey is a strange beast. When thinking about having children or expecting your first bundle of joy how could you possibly ever imagine what trials and tribulations you would be facing on a day to day basis?

Does anyone else sometimes feel like they have woken up in the twilight zone?

Today's highlights have been....

- Attempting to get ready for work whilst the usual toddler meltdown was in progress
- Explaining that the youngest child does not need to wake up in the night because I'm quite certain Maleficent doesn't come into his room
- Deciding to try a new nursery drop off tactic and epically failing
- Doing some work
- Asking a woman in a shop if she had anything that could help us create an Australian landscape in a shoebox
- Stopping a cat from eating a hamster
- Being asked the following by the oldest child: "Mummy can you email me with a I love you or something." That boy breaks my heart on a daily basis
- Crying with laughter whilst trying to wipe youngest child's bottom because he is such a character
- Sneaking a peak at the oldest boy writing his 'secret book' whilst in bed.
 - Listening to them chat away and sing to each other whilst in their bunk beds
- Tell them to stop calling each other stupid whilst in their bunk beds.
- Pouring myself a vodka and diet coke and reflecting on the strange events of the day.

How dull our lives must have been before June 2008.

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