Sunday, 28 July 2013

Monsters University

I recently took child number one to see 'Monsters University' in 3D.

As fans of the incredibly original and hilarious 'Monsters Inc', this viewing was an absolute must.

Apart from the ridiculous amount of adverts prior to the film we were captivated throughout.

Who doesn't love Mike Wasowksi?

The film started with a ridiculously cute, school age Mike being shunned by his classmates. Obviously bringing tears to my eyes (one eyed green monsters are regularly bullied in real life didn't you know!)

Well that was me hooked and the slapstick style comedy from early on meant the boy was equally enthralled.

The film had many laugh out loud moments throughout. Including a rather troubled slug who tries his best not to be late for class!

The storyline revolves around a University Fraternity of monsters, led by Mike, who enter 'The Scare Games.'
In true Disney-Pixar fashion these monsters (who have been outcast by others as un-scary) prove that teamwork and friendship mean more than victory.

Throughout the film Mike and Sully's relationship develops from competitive rivals to the inevitable best of friends.

There are a few darker moments. A rather spooky and stern looking University Dean involved in most of these.
The boy loves a bit of spook so these completely added to the appeal of the film.

I'm not convinced about 3D yet.
For the first five minutes of the film the 3D aspect is a fun novelty but personally after that I don't really notice the 3D.
I think I would have enjoyed the film just as much (if not more because of the annoying glasses) in normal D (aka 2).

Overall I would highly recommend this film for people aged 3 to 103 years of age.

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