Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What's in a name

In my job I am lucky enough to see lots of new babies and to record, for the first time, the names that their parents have lovingly chosen for them.

I say lovingly because I'm certain that that is almost always the case.

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to names. Where would we be without some originality and uniqueness?

Unfortunately for some children it seems to me that the desire to be fairly unique takes over from sense.

Obviously all of the below examples are completely fabricated.

Things to remember when naming your child...

- The biggest deciding factor surely has to be the fact that said child has to grow up with the name you give them.

If you call your little blue eyed baby boy Frodo HE IS NOT GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME IN SCHOOL.

If the child is named after a character from Lord of the Rings or even has a name that sounds like he comes from the land of the hobbits your are in dangerous territory.

- Numbers are not allowed in names. Yes you may have decided long before the Beckhams that your daughter should be called Seven but you cannot spell it Se7en. Yes the film is good but it is also about a gruesome wrath of God type serial killer.
Have a word.

-Swear words are not allowed.
It's not cool.

- Named after an Alcoholic drink eh? Doesn't look great on a CV.

- If English is not your first language please ensure you check the meanings of certain names you may want to use.
It is very difficult for a registrar to keep a straight face when explaining the English meaning of the word 'bollock.'

If all else fails there is always George. Or Alexander. Or Louis. Or all three?

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