Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Winter is Coming....

At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying reading and watching Game of Thrones.
I am only on the first book/series but I think it's fair to say I'm hooked!

In the story there is massive emphasis on the severity and length of winter time.
Winters do not last for a few months in this fictional world. Instead, they can last for years at a time. Snow fall can reach one hundred feet deep and the world becomes a dark and dangerous place.

I think we all felt like our last winter would never end. Snow in April? What was that about?

We have, however, had a brilliant summer of sunshine and warm weather. Surely even the grumpiest of cynic amongst us cannot complain about the summer of 2013.

The children have gone back to school. It is getting darker earlier in the evenings and early starts are increasingly difficult. All over the country domestic disputes are breaking out over when the heating should be put on.

Apparently there is potential for a couple of weeks of an Indian type summer this Month but other than that there is no denying that winter is coming.

Here are my favourite things about Autumn and Winter in case anyone reading this is seriously considering going into hibernation...

- The arrival of the conkers and chestnuts! Collecting conkers becomes a bit of an obsession in this house.

- Dark evenings means a complete lack of guilt over putting the pj's on at 6:30pm.

- Hats, scarves and gloves. The woolier and more colourful the better!

- The food. Winter comfort food is awesome. Pies, stews, homemade soups, all puddings served with custard. Bonfire toffee, mushy peas, mince pies and endless tons of quality streets!

- Halloween. I love a bit of spooky. As the kids get older the scare factor can get bigger and bigger!

- Bonfire night. Getting all wrapped up to write your name with a sparkler and watch the kids faces watching the fireworks.

- The build up to... (dare I say it) Chrimbo! I think I love the run up to it just as much, if not more than the event itself.

Don't be grumpy.

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