Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weird wake up call

Today it was the husbands turn to have a lie in.
It was all going very well until he got the strangest wake up call ever... "Daddy, mummy says you need to come down because Freddie has got his head stuck in a chair. Also, I am watching teenage mutant ninja turtles."

Unsurprisingly the other half was more interested in the news relating to the stuck head than the television viewing of the big lad.

So, Freddie had managed to put his head through a gap in his plastic red chair and for the life of me (without removing his ears) i couldnt get it back out.
Panic was setting in. Freddie was screaming and wiggling which was not helping and there was talk of ringing for the firemen.

Daddy saved the day, and was obviously more confident in the staying power of Freddie's ears as he removed said boys head from the chair.

Ahh relaxing Sunday mornings, you cant beat em!

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