Saturday, 10 May 2014

Not exactly mid-life crisis

It has just hit home....I turn thirty in a few months.
I never even considered for a moment that it would bother me. But it does. I like being twenty something.

I have always felt older than I am. I don't mean physically or mentally I have just always gotten the impression that people have perceived me to be older than my age.
This has never been a problem in my head....until now. 

I was twenty three when I got married and twenty four when I had our eldest. By today's standards that is rather young but I was absolutely ready for marriage and motherhood. However it is hard to believe that that was seven years ago! How can I nearly be thirty?!? 

This week at work I registered a newborn baby who's mum was only twenty one years old. She was lovely and we were having a nice chat about midwife care when she said the following, and I quote..."things would have been much different when you did it."
That sentence knocked the stuffing out of me and I felt old. I wanted to burst into tears and tell her that I was only eight years older than her but obviously, ever the professional, I smiled and nodded.

When I told the hubby, he burst out laughing saying, and once again I quote..."it's like she thinks you gave birth in the Call The Midwife era." Less than helpful.

I have been shopping to buy some 'young' clothes, I may start listening to radio one instead of my James Blunt albums and I think a spontaneous membership to a gym I will never attend is definitely in order.

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  1. At 30 I hadn't achieved half the things I thought I 'should' have so it was a really tough milestone for me as I was panicking that I'd be left on the shelf!
    At 37 I now have a wonderful husband, a gorgeous little boy and an exciting business working for myself. If you are happy with your life and your family and what you have achieved then don't let a birthday get you down :)