Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Memory books...

Today, my lovely Mum showed me a scrap book of family photos she put together when my brother and I were young. A random collection of baby pictures, holiday snaps, wedding and christening photos. Prints of all shapes and sizes of the most important people in mine and my brothers life when we were children. 
What a lovely way of encouraging a child to understand family dynamics. 

As a family we love our photos. You would think an A list Celebrity was making an appearance at any of our special family occasions or get togethers, its like the paparazzi with all the camera flashes and the shouts of "smile"! 

It appears that my Mum has always had a love of putting together scrap books and albums filled with still life treasures of families and friends sharing happy times together. 
For each of the grandchildren she has created a book of their own. A folder filled with pictures of the child's parents when they met, when they married, when they were expecting the little bundle, once they had arrived and their important people.  Our eldest was the first grandchild to arrive for my parents and he loves it when Mamma gets his book out. A story accompanies the photos, which he now knows word for word. 

It must have been difficult for my Mum when she created our youngest little man's book. His arrival and first few months in this world were very traumatic for him and difficult for all the family. The books are about sharing happy memories with the little ones though so it was decided not to dwell upon those times. 

I love my digital camera. To be able to take an unlimited number of pictures, upload them to the computer at the press of a button, share them with friends, family and the world at the click of another button! Its amazing. 
However, I have found that after taking pictures on the camera it is not the natural progression to make prints. I am more likely to create a folder on the pc, put them on my blogs, upload them to facebook,  rather than to print them myself or have them printed. 

When I finally do get round to printing them off I find I am months behind and there are so many to choose from it becomes a very arduous task! 
Printing them is not always easy either. I find it costs too much in printer ink to print them all off at home which means having to upload them to a site to order prints online or putting them onto a memory stick or disc and taking them to a shop to print. 

I vow not to leave the printing of my photos till there are months and months to trawl through and organise!

Technology is a wonderful thing and what you can do with your photography now is very exciting. Nonetheless, nothing beats sitting and looking through photo albums and scrap books.
It could be a quiet moment to yourself when you just want to smile, laugh or cry at memories that have been captured. You could be showing the kids how young you looked before they arrived! 
Whatever it be, albums are always there, holding onto special moments so in our hectic busy lives we never forget.


  1. that is just so lovely made me feel all emotional

  2. Thanks Estelle, I'm photo crazy!