Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"Good Morning, good morning..."

Two of the current parenthood issues we are dealing with in this household at the moment are clingy baby syndrome and those painfully early mornings.

To be honest these two situations have become commonplace in our little family for the past four years.

The biggest little guy is nearly four and has always been a bit of a mummy's boy and it appears his younger bro is following suit. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't have it any other way. Separation anxiety works both ways and I am not a fan of being away from either of my boys for very long so they were always bound to be the same. 

The toddler is getting much better. He goes to pre-school without any trauma these days and I've recently noticed he hasn't got time to give me a cuddle because there is too much playing to be done! 

The bouncing baba has however started to protest whenever I do any of the following:

  • Turn my back on him (how dare I).
  • Go to wash up after he's had his breakfast/dinner/tea (screw the pots mother, entertain me now).
  • Talk to his brother whilst giving him a cuddle (don't you realise I am the baby?).
  • Break the pattern of  patting him and staring into his eyes (even if just for a second). whilst giving him a sleepy cuddle (look at me now mummy).
To name but a few.

I used to find it tiring when our eldest was going through particularly clingy periods. Now there is a baby and a toddler to look after these times can be exhausting.
Tougher days seem to occur at the same time as excessive drool days which is when we think he is teething. I'm not surprised the little guy is a little bit more sensitive on these days because his gums must be very uncomfortable.

It is very difficult to let our little ones cry but to be honest I have found myself doing that much more with our youngest. I didn't let him cry for a long time after we got him home after those first few horrible months for obvious reasons. However, once he had become healthy and it became clear he was as strong as an ox I became more confident in knowing when he was crying for attention only. 
As a mother you are very aware of the different cries your baby has. Here are the categories of cries I am aware of:
  • The temper cry - usually sounds like they are shouting at you. Follows the above situations.
  • The moan cry  - usually occurs when baby is tired but is fighting it and wants you to know he/she is not entirely happy about being put to bed. 
  • The fake cry - I was genuinely shocked at how young they learn how to fake cry!
  • The genuine upset cry - this is the one that makes your heart pump when you hear it as you race to see what the matter is. Usually occurs when baby is under the weather with teething or other gripes. 

Very early mornings are the other daily occurrence in our house. My other half and I were never ones for lying in bed for half the morning before the little ones arrived. My sense that I have had a lie in if we get to sleep till six-thirty am though is a little concerning. 

I love mornings, especially bright sunny ones. We're lucky enough to live in a relatively quiet area where you can sit in the conservatory or in the garden most times and hear nothing but the birds singing. 
Our neighbours used to agree. 
Early mornings would be much easier to handle if it wasn't for the fact that by seven am the toddler is in full force wanting to play monsters vs aliens or sing the Ted Glen song at the top of his voice. 
Recently there has been a surge in the number of houses on our street being put up for sale...hmmmmm. 

The lovely warm weather arrived but brought with it a few bed time issues. The boys' rooms get very warm so windows are left open overnight. The first night we had to do this, four thirty am arrived and the toddler shouts "Mummy is it morning time yet?" I went up to his room, all zombie like, to inform him that no, it is not morning time and lazily got in his bed with him to see if that encouraged further sleep. Lying in my sons bed I looked up to see beams of light entering his room from the open windows and the sound of what I can only describe as the loudest pigeon I have ever heard cooing through a tiny little megaphone into said windows. 
It's fair to say that my son was right all along. Yes it was morning time and the chances of him going back to sleep were slim to none. 

I can't really complain (even though I am) because both babies are always in bed by quarter past seven at the latest.
Take the good with the bad!

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