Monday, 13 August 2012


Who knew that sibling rivalry started so early?

My eldest is four and my youngest turns one next week. 

The youngest already has his eye on everything that belongs to the toddler or that the toddler shows any interest in.

This is a tray. To look at it you might think it was an ordinary tray. 
Yet this tray has become the source of such sibling rivalry the world has not seen since the Miliband brothers were battling it out for leadership.

The baby has very quickly realised:
                tray = good things

The toddler has his supper on the tray. He often has his tea on the tray also. 
The baby wants the tray.
It gets nasty.
I am seriously praying the the shop still sells the tray so that when the baby is old enough he can have a tray of equal stature. Quite obviously none other will do.

It works both ways. 
Any day now I am expecting to see the toddler riding a unicycle blindfolded whilst juggling and speaking fluent Spanish. 
That might get him some attention.
He has reverted to babyish tactics of following me around the house wherever I go. He asks me how many minutes I will be when I go to the bathroom. There is no where to run.
He gets more than his fair share of attention but now the baby is starting to roll around and pull himself up my attention is stretched beyond all recognition.

I keep reminding myself that I will miss all of this once the toddler starts school in September.
The sad thing is, I probably will.

Thankfully it wont be long till the baby can say Mummy and does so at least one thousand times a day.

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