Monday, 27 August 2012

"I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."

What, where and when is this strange place?

When I was expecting our first bundle of boy, kitting out the 'nursery' was a very exciting experience and the room became a tranquil, calm place I used to sit in and dream about meeting my baby.

Then four years passed.

Now here is my 'baby' stripping the wallpaper from said nursery room as we decorate it for his younger brother who has already turned one.

How did this happen?

He already calls me 'Mum' more than he does 'Mummy'. I took him for his first trip to the cinema the other day and as he sat there taking it all completely in his stride I realised how ridiculously precious time is.
Soppy, I know and don't get me wrong he is still a clingy little boy who needs his Mummy to be there every step of the way but I am noticing some real changes.

Who knows how he is going to handle starting school next week.
 One thing is for sure, if any one will need peeling from the school gates all weepy and will most likely be me.

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