Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Woman In Black

The blu ray version  of The Woman In Black was a birthday present from my lovely boys.
I was very interested in this film when it came out at the cinema being a fan of classic Wes Craven style 'he's behind you' horror.
Unfortunately, cinema visits are much less frequent than I would like at the moment because of two certain little people. Therefore, I was thrilled when I got this DVD.
It must be very difficult for Harry...I mean Daniel Radcliffe to prove that he can be anyone other than the spectacle wearing boy wizard popular throughout the world. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for the bloke, he hasn't done bad for himself.

I struggle with horror films (in my old age!) I used to love all things scary but I find a lot of the modern horrors far too twisted and gory to be entertaining. 
This film however, uses nothing more than creepy 'village of the damned' type stares and remarks from the locals, spooky middle of nowhere settings, dark rooms, strange noises and very spooky children's toys to make you jump out of your seat. 
On numerous occasions I found myself peeping from behind a pillow, always a sign of a good horror in my book! You know the scare is coming but it still makes your heart pound!

In a nutshell but without trying to ruin it for you, the film is about a young widower (Daniel Radcliffe) who has to travel to a small village to settle the accounts of a recently deceased client of the lawyers office he works for. He soon discovers that children of the village have been dying in strange circumstances. After seeing 'the woman in black' for himself he soon discovers who she is and why she is so vengeful.

As with most horrors some of the characters are a little far fetched with their creepiness and there is the usual  sense of 'you just wouldn't go in their would you?' 

Generally a very entertaining film and I would definitely recommend it as an easy to follow Friday night film. 

Just make sure all the children's toys are switched off before you go to bed that night otherwise you might get a bit of a fright!!

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