Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pearls of wisdom continued...

Yesterday on the walk home from school the toddler (do i still call him that now he is at school?) in his impressively articulate way informed me that he had had an apple with his milk at school.
 My appreciation for this bit of information quickly turned into surprise as the boy went on to inform me that the Spanish word for apple is manzana.

"Did you know that Mummy?"
No, no I did not.

I would love to speak another language and one of my biggest educational regrets is learning basic German at exam level then forgetting it almost immediately. It would have been much better to have studied a language I enjoyed at a time when I was young enough to find it easy enough. 

Spanish is a beautiful language and I think it is great that young children are starting to be encouraged to learn other languages.

Here are some other Spanish words I have since learnt in case he tries to catch me out again...

"Good morning"
"Buenos dias

"Good afternoon"
"Buenos trades"



"Por favor"

"Thank you"

And apparently. "Conseguir en el paso malo" means "get on the naughty step!"

Knowledge is power!

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