Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The willy song

My eldest boy has always been quite sweet and sensitive.
Then he started school.

In the last three weeks his cheekiness levels have risen to beyond acceptable and his boisterousness is increasing by the day.

Last night as he undressed for his bath he proceeded to throw his pants down the stairs and then come into our room shaking his little boy bits and making up a ridiculous song about his willy...
Oh dear.

As a parent how are you supposed to react?
Honestly, I just wanted to burst out laughing but the thought of the willy song making its first public debut during changing for p.e time at school discouraged me from doing so.
I therefore opted for the 'don't make a big deal out of it' reaction and quietly told him that it was rude and rapidly changed the subject.

My husband being a 'proper Yorkshire bloke' seems quite pleased with the change in our sons behaviour and insists it is all part of growing up. 
I think he was just jealous that he hadn't though of the willy song.

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