Wednesday, 3 October 2012


On an addiction scale that almost equals 'Prison Break' we are currently on to the third series of American drama series 'Dexter'.

I urge anyone who likes to indulge every now and again in a little dark drama with a bit of added humour to put the Dexter box set on their Christmas list.

The main plot line of the whole series is unlike anything I have seen before.

Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Miami Metro police department. In his spare time he is a serial killer.

Reluctant as he may be though he is absolutely the hero of this wonderful drama.
It takes some time to accept that you view this sadistic blood obsessed murderer as a hero. He does however have a 'code' of killing which means he only murders the 'bad guys'.

Michael C. Hall plays Dexter. He plays the character so well and has done for seven seasons that I wonder whether he struggles to be out of character during his day to day life!

I dare any woman to not develop a crush on this very good looking vigilante despite his very unusual hobby.

There are some other great characters in the series including Dexter's sister Deb. Deb is a police officer in the same department as her brother. Her every other word is a swear word and she is obsessed with furthering her career. However, her obvious vulnerability and dependence on Dexter makes her a very likeable character. She is completely unaware of Dexter's secret life which makes their relationship very entertaining.

We are only half way through season three but so far I have loved every episode.

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