Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The big bad wulf

Our eldest has been learning how to recognise letters and words with the use of phonics at school.

His teacher recently held a parents meeting in order to explain what phonics are and how they are used.

I have to say I came away thinking it was quite complex for four year olds.

However so far the method seems to very effective in helping our little learner develop.

Whenever we read together and I ask him what a word is he chops up the sounds (the kids literally use a chopping action) and eventually he will read the word.

My only concern with phonics is the impact it will have on his spelling.
We have been told not to correct the children's spelling if they have spelt it how it sounds.
This makes sense to me at four years old because the emphasis is more on teaching them to read than write. However, it will be interesting when they start having to learn how to spell correctly.

I am very happy and impressed so far with our little boys start in the world of education!

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