Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Big Screen

I love the cinema.
A couple of hours emersed in an entirely different world, surrounded by amazing sound and visual effects and your favourite actors. What's not to love.
Our eldest son is already a fan of the pictures and has been lots with us and his grandparents as treats.
During the last half term I decided to introduce the littlest little man to the world of cinema.
The only experience he had already had was a ten minute 4D Polar Express ride at Drayton Manor early this year. It did not go down well. The combination of the pitch black room, the humongous screen and the moving seats, fake snow and wind was all a bit too much for him.

This time we went for something a bit more gentle. Tinkerbell and the pirate fairy in doesn't get much more gentle than that.

We got there nice and early to get a good seat and let the little dude get used to the surroundings. The only bit that he didn't enjoy was whilst there were no images on the screen. I think the anticipation of not understanding what was going to happen was the scariest bit. As soon as he started to realise that it was just like a big television, he started to relax. He sat on my knee for the whole film but that was just a good excuse for me to steal lots of cuddles!
He concentrated on the whole film and even danced to the pirate song. He did get slightly confused about who was controlling the big screen and at one point asked where the remote was!

I think the key to the success of this first cinema trip was being prepared.  His big brother and I spent the journey there explaining what we were going to do and what would happen. We took lots of snacks and drinks and I had a sneaky beety and trot (muslin square comforter and dummy) hidden in my bag in case of emergencies!

The cinema can be very expensive and I would have been reluctant to pay full price not knowing whether or not he was even going to enjoy it. At Cinemworld in Nottingham they have a weekly 'movies for juniors' screening which costs less than £1.50 per person. Great value!
See the Cineworld website for more info...

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