Thursday, 26 June 2014

Summer blockbusters anyone?

The other day I really fancied a trip to the cinema with the mother but was utterly disappointed at the choice of viewing. 

I don't get to the cinema nearly enough as I would like to, so when we do go it needs to be for something I know is for me (with the exception of 'East'- if you are reading this I can only apologise again Sarah).

There seems to be a serious lack of summer blockbusters this year. Usually there are two or three films being released over summer that are a must but so far 2014 has been quite disappointing.

Television viewing has been rather lame of late also. I have been grateful for this as I was completely hooked on reading Thornbirds which is a lovely, beautifully sad novel. Now I am inbetween books however there seems to be a lack of entertainment from the talking box on the wall. 
The only thing worth watching lately has been Fargo. An edge of your seat, can't wait for next week sort of series. Billy Bob Thornton plays the cool, calm, psychopath so brilliantly that he is genuinely terrifying and who'd have thought that bloke out of the office would end up a Hollywood star. Yes Bilbo Baggins, I mean Martin Freeman plays one of the main characters. A timid, pushed around man who takes a hammer to his bully of a wife's head and see's his life spiral out of control.

When it comes to the cinema all is not lost.....Fury. 
The trailer can be seen at

World War 2 drama, Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf, written and directed by David Ayer...the combination for compelling viewing I think. However, we have to wait till October to see it.

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