Thursday, 12 June 2014

Terrible two

Lately I have been having problems with my voice.

I have had all of the hilarious comments about me talking too much (namely from my darling husband) but I have decided my vocal issues of late can be put down to three things:

1. Let's get the first one out of the way....yes I like to talk. I love a good gossip, a natter, a chin wag, a chat, a catch up, which ever way you like to say it, I'm always doing it.

2. My job involves a lot of talking. If I'm not conducting ceremonies (which in some venues can require virtually shouting at times) then I am answering the phone, asking questions for a registration or taking someone's notice of marriage.

3. My boys.

Let's 'talk' about number 3.
I have never felt more outnumbered in my life. They have started tag teaming me on a regular basis. 
If the following words are spoken by either of them, then apparently it is ok to ignore me whilst laughing hysterically:
-poo (you can't beat the classics)
-bottom/bum (closely related to the first in the list)
-smelly (you're starting to see a pattern now)
-big bad Barry (if you watch Ben and Holly you might understand this)

"I didn't mean to", "it wasn't my fault", "he told me too", are all excuses that I hear on a regular basis that exhaust me!

They are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Both occasions cause me bother. If they are in good spirits with each other then they egg each other on to be mischievous. One of their favourite morning past times is to wait until I go to the loo and then play 'knock a door run'. Very annoying especially as they both usually end up in the bathroom with me. There is no escape!
 The worst of enemy occurrences means lots of shouting from all family members and usually involves one or both children ending up being sent to their room.

I have always worried about the time arriving when the boys all go off when they are older to watch the footy or whatever they are into. 
I'm starting to worry less about when that starts.

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