Sunday, 29 November 2015

Don't sniff a christmas tree...

The Christmas decorations have gone up early in the Sawyer household this year. Partly due to there being no Center Parcs holiday this year to start the official time when we are allowed to start being all festive because of our recently overseas adventures. Also, because why not eh! Who doesn't love flashing fairy lights and a bit of tinsel?

This year we decided to buy a real Christmas tree which was very exciting. We considered going full National Lampoon and going for a trek in the forest to find the perfect tree, but alas, other than potentially chopping down a neighbours overgrown conifer this appeared to be an unlikely option.

You know that feeling when you take your car for its MOT and the mechanic says 'so where do you keep your wheel brace?' "Errrr yes of course that most useful of all the braces, let me just stand here looking like I know what you are talking about for a few minutes.....nope I got nothing."

It felt a little like that. We walked around for a while looking intelligently at all of the different types of Christmas tree (apparently there are more than one type) when a man who looked like he took the business of Christmas trees quite seriously approached. Panic set in, "for god sake family look like we know what we are doing." He took one look at us and asked if we wanted a "chunky or thin" tree. Foiled!

Here are a few of things I learned today:

1. When someone tells you the tree has a nice scent, it is OK to sniff it but do so with caution. Some pine needles are sharper than others.

2. Don't get over excited regarding size....remember you do not live at Downton Abbey

3. Nordmann is not a place in the Netherlands.

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