Monday, 9 November 2015

How we 'did Florida'...

Our family  has recently returned from our biggest holiday to date...that's right, we've been to Disney!

Having such wonderful memories myself of childhood holidays to Florida with my family, taking our boys there once they reached what we felt was the appropriate age has always been a goal of mine.

There are things we had to consider before booking this holiday of a lifetime. The main consideration (of any holiday but especially one that is renowned for being very pricey) is one that winning the lottery could nicely eliminate. As the boys reminded us frequently with their x-factor worthy versions of Aloe Blacc's tune as we cruised along the interstate "I need a dollar dollar, dollar is what I need." A dollar won't get you very far. I saw someone spending $260 on wands from Olivanders in Hogsmead at Universal Studios. That's excessive but you get the picture. Its easily spent.

Once the money consideration had been deliberated over again and again and we decided that it could be done (sensibly) then the other main consideration for us was age; I don't mean us oldies, although I definitely don't have the energy I did when I visited the states at the age of 12. Other then my Dad who couldn't resist the variety of classic films on offer on any of the thousands of channels we had on our television (whilst we were there it was the same date that Marty McFly travelled forward in time too in Back to the Future which made the choice of films even better as you can imagine) we were in bed by 10pm most nights (rock and roll I know).
The best age to take the boys at was something we had to discuss. I wanted to go before our oldest was passed that fabulously innocent stage of believing everything is real. Yes some things were pricey but that look on my boys face when it appeared like he was actually doing magic with his Harry Potter wand was priceless and I'll never forget it. Worth every penny and then some.
There is a gap of three years and two months between our boys so we wanted to go when the magic was there for both of them but when the youngest would be big enough to enjoy plenty of rides and understand what was happening. I think we waited until the right time.

I want to share our experience and hopefully try and help convince anyone thinking about 'doing Florida' with the kids to go for it.

More to come

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