Saturday, 21 November 2015

How we 'did Florida'

The Package!

For many people travelling to Florida to visit the theme parks the decision of accommodation often comes down to choosing between staying in one of the Disney hotels or renting your own villa.
Gaining some expert advice at this point seemed to be what we needed so we went to see the lovely people at North America Travel. After discussing the options and potential prices with them we decided to go for having our own villa for our ten day trip. I think what swayed it for us was the freedom that having your own villa gives you, the fact that you get your own pool, the cost and that we had had good experiences of staying in villas in the same area in the past.

Car hire is quite pricey but a must if you are staying in private accommodation. If you are a car fan this is where you might have the chance to treat yourself. My mum and dad drove around in a bright red convertible mustang for the 10 days. It cost my dad $8 to half fill his car! No wonder most Americans seem to drive around in huge, gas guzzling vehicles. Not brilliant for the environment though.

It might sound a bit silly but for me part of the experience is driving down the streets and seeing the very stereotypically American mailboxes and because of the time of year we got to see people's Halloween decorations. Self-catering means going to the supermarket - I could have spent hours walking around Publix! Key lime pie...check, Budweiser...check, diet coke...check, pizza...check!

The villa was huge with a master bedroom with en-suite, toilet, two living room areas an open plan kitchen, laundry room and of course the swimming pool on the ground floor. Upstairs were three big bedrooms and another bathroom.

Yes that will do to wake up to every morning and come home to every day.

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