Wednesday, 1 June 2016

30 Days Wild!

So we've signed up for 30 Days Wild which starts today.
 From trying to spot a ladybird in the garden to trips to exciting outdoor places brimming with wildlife, June is all about trying to do something wild (no matter how small) every day.

Since having the boys I have definitely spent more time than ever outdoors, we've explored new places, seen lots of wildlife and I've found that strangely enough my favourite places happen to be those with a great café or even better a pub nearby. Lets be honest, I'm no Bear Grylls. If it buzzes, that's me done. If it has wings, see you later. If it does both watch out because I will abandon those in my care and run for the hills.

30 days wild is a bit of a challenge for me but as long as it doesn't involve a butterfly house or an aviary I should be fine and whole heartedly intend on embracing nature and enjoying it.


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