Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Day 1....30 Days Wild

I'm not sure how much our half-term trip out today falls within the category of this months challenge but this is about random acts of wildness and I think the random is very important. Do whatever you want to do! 

This morning we visited our local working  Greens Windmill and got to stand inside the windmill near the top as the sails soared past. The noise from the sails and the millstones was exciting enough but then the person who looked very much like he was in charge explained how he starts the sails going and how he was changing the type of grain being used to make flour  and let us watch. The boys and their friends also got the chance to make delicious cookies at the centre using flour from the mill.
 Our not so little anymore little one has made a book to record 30 Days Wild and today he wrote a poem about nature, this is what he wrote:

Oh trees so big and tall

I love to hear your call

Oh rivers you are high and low

But I do see you overflow

Oh sky so big and wide

Clouds make you hide.


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