Saturday, 18 June 2016

A not so wild week...

Well the weather has seriously put a dampener (sorry) on our ability to be wild this week. We are the kind of family that try to get out and about whatever the weather but in all honesty when work/school and general busy Mon-Fri life is happening rain is just inconvenient and annoying. I virtually got trench foot at work on Monday after an extremely soggy school run in completely inappropriate footwear.

However, I appreciate rain can be pretty wonderful and I have been thinking about occasions when rain hasn't been that bad and definitely not stopped the fun. Here are my top five rainy moments that stand out in my memory...

1. Lost in Geneva
After I graduated from university a friend and I travelled around Italy by train which was an amazing experience. We flew to Geneva to star our journey and were staying there for a night. We checked in at our hostel and left to explore. We got a bit carried away with the sights and sounds of things and didn't pay much attention to where we were going (in all honesty we were both pretty useless with directions which probably didn't fill our parents with a massive amount of confidence). As we wondered like lost sheep around Geneva a summer storm erupted and the rain poured down on us. Slightly scared but rather exhilarated we were laughing about it that night (once we found our way back to our room that is)

2. Robin Hoods Bay

This place is fabulous whatever the weather and when the boys were younger we once stayed in a caravan on the outskirts of the town. We used to walk down to the beach with the littlest one in the papoose. I have a great picture somewhere of me sat under an umbrella on the sand as it chucks it down with the rain and the boys are loving it.

3. Surfing in Cornwall

We used to go to Cornwall a lot growing up and I remember once when we were staying at our usual campsite in Newquay we visited family who were staying in a cottage elsewhere in the county. The cottage was overlooking the beach and as the rain came down us 'kids' grabbed the wetsuits and went body boarding anyway and it was epic.

4. Dinosaurs at Universal Studios Florida

Last year when we were in Florida we had a few tropical downpours one of the days we were at Universal. We spent the whole day on and off water rides so didn't care one bit about the rain and escaping from Jurassic foes felt even more realistic in the storms!

5. School camping in the lakes by Ullswater

I went camping a couple of times in the Lakes when I was about 12/13 years old with school. I remember the weather being atrocious one year but we had the best time. I have a memory of my buddy and I sitting by Ullswater throwing pebbles in as raindrops fell on the lake and just taking in the absolute beauty of our surroundings

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