Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy Jubilee Weekend

The heating has been back on this weekend and the olbas oil is back out but nonetheless it has already been a fun filled Diamond Jubilee weekend for us four. 

The toddler had lots of fun at pre-school last week with lots of jubilee style treats and games. It was lovely seeing the effort that the nursery had put into decorating the place and making it special for the kids. 

I love the royal family and think sixty years of our Queen's reign is something to celebrate. 
The country is going through a tough time but this year is a year to celebrate all things British and people all over the UK seem to have enjoyed getting together and celebrating in style. 

We have spent the weekend with friends and family and the boys have been spoilt as always. 
The rain was disappointing yesterday but the sun is shining this evening on Buckingham Palace and the Jubilee concert and on us here at home watching it all on the telly!

Happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend everyone. 

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