Monday, 25 June 2012

"Whoever you are, I have always counted on the kindness of strangers."

Alas, wireless internet usage has not returned and I have thrown in the towel and decided to accept it.
It's not ideal but we have set the computer up in the littlest little ones room so we can finally have access once again to the web that is world wide!

I am at a bit of a loss as to where to start it feels that long since I have been able to 'blog' properly!

A couple of weeks ago the loveliness that is Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to our home city of Nottingham. Catching a glimpse of the Queen who was being accompanied by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was not an opportunity to be missed I felt. 

Now immediately the thought of attempting to take a toddler and a baby into a packed city with thousands of people gathered in one square gave me sweaty palms. 
I am however very stubborn when it comes to ensuring my boys do not miss out on anything so off we went. 

There was a real atmosphere of people coming together to celebrate being British and pride at welcoming our Monarch to our city. 

There was no bus fare for a starter which was a welcome bonus and straight away another mum who was on the bus with her children offered to help me with the logistics of a toddler and a baby in a buggy on a bus! 

When we arrived in the city we found a way onto the Market Square where we could see the big screen and the balcony on the Council House. I have never been a massive fan of crowds so tried to keep focused on smiling for the toddler as people kept piling in behind us blocking us in. 

One of the highlights of the day for me occurred when a little boy in front of us was lifted onto his Dad's shoulders as the Royals were arriving by car. He shouted out "Dad I can see......" we all waited in anticipation thinking the boy had caught the first glimpse when he shouted "PIZZA HUT!!!" at the top of his voice. There were chuckles all round. Classic. 

As the Queen came out onto the balcony the banned played the National Anthem and it actually bought a tear to my eye! Partly due to the thought of having to maneuver the buggy through the crowds but mostly because I was so chuffed that my boys can say they have seen the Queen in their home city. 

The bus journey home was as equally packed but once again thanks to the kindness of strangers I managed to get the buggy folded and get sat down with the kids.   

It was an exhausting day but one filled with pride and special memories. 

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