Monday, 11 June 2012

Yummy Mummy Meme

The lovely Karen over at 365 Pearls of Wisdom tagged me in this cute meme. I'm not much of a yummy mummy but am keen to have a bash at answering the questions.

The rules...
When answering the questions give as much detail as possible. It's all about the finer details people!
Leave a comment on Here (Busybeemummybex blog where the meme was created).
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What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Look at the clock and usually despair at how early it is. Give baby a bottle while hubby has a shower and toddler watches Tree Fu Tom or Postman Pat (how did we every live without 'on demand'?)

Do you shower daily? Are you an early morning shower or an evening bath type?
I cannot function without an early morning shower. I love a relaxing bath in the evening every now and then but I can't stand to spend the day with unwashed hair! I've tried to make my hair last two days but it defiantly refuses.

Do you wear make up daily?
Absolutely. Without it I resemble a creature not unlike Gollum from Lord of the Rings. "My precious!"

What's in your make up bag?
A wand from Olivanders! I wish!  No7 Intelligent colour, bronzer, mascara, lippy are everyday essentials. 

When your having a slummy mummy day what do you normally wear?
I am usually to be seen in a pair of jeans, a t shirt and a jacket of some description. Never had a passion for fashion I'm afraid. 

Nails - how often do you get them done?
I have always bitten my nails so never get them done. Would love to have my mums naturally perfect nails but don't think its going to happen. 

Your top tips for tired eyes?
A strong coffee and some concealer for the bags. Some light eye shadow normally brightens them up. 

Are you a Starbucks or Costa Coffee kind of girl?
Since finishing work to 'keep house' and look after the little ones I have a real issue with paying the same amount for a cup of coffee that I would for a jar in the supermarket. If I had to choose though I'd go with Starbucks. We love going to Center Parcs around Christmas time and one of my favourite things in the world is sitting with my favourite people supping on a Gingerbread Latte after an exhausting  'Dome' session with the kids. Good times. 

How many children do you have/want and why?
I am lucky enough to have two lovely boys. I always wanted two children, most likely because I am one of two. I would have loved a little girl but cannot see us having any more. Pregnancy doesn't agree with me as I was sick for the first eighteen weeks or so with both boys. We were told that after having a baby with congenital heart disease there is a one in fifty chance of anymore children we have being born with a heart defect. I would never risk putting a baby through what our youngest had to endure. I know I will miss not having a daughter because of the close relationship I have with my Mum but my boys will keep me plenty busy I'm sure. 

Where is your favourite place to shop for babies/children's clothes?
A posh little place called George of Asda. Have you heard of it?

Flats or Heels - Everyday shoes are?
Flats for everyday and a little heel for any evenings out. I would love to be able to wear big heels for going out but am five foot, nine and wouldn't be comfortable towering above my friends! 

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  1. Great answers, I look forward to having a go at this tomorrow x

  2. I love your answers! I'll get on with compiling my answers to post ASAP x