Monday, 25 June 2012

Does whatever a spider can....

If you find a child dressed up as spiderman scary, offensive, rude, or troubling in any manner look away now!

Last week the toddler turned four! 
One of his birthday presents was a Spiderman outfit, complete with muscles and everything!

The day after his birthday we had a trip to the park. An opportunity to pretend to be Spiderman outside of the comfort of home was seized by the toddler. 

The park was fairly busy. The big guy has always been a sensitive little dude who flushes up at the slightest thing. The Spiderman costume however came with built in confidence powers and he seemed to be enjoying looking like the tough kid on the block for a change. 

It wasn't long before his appearance on the slide made another child cry. The upset little boy was younger than Spiderman and I know children aren't always particularly fond of masks and costumes when they are young. 
After another child got a bit upset we encouraged Spiderman to reveal his identity and remove his mask as that seemed to be causing the trouble. 

I have to say though (get ready for rant and in contrast to my previous post) some people can be so stuck up their own bottoms sometimes. For goodness sake, it was obvious that the toddler was being a good boy and he was keeping himself to himself and playing like four year old boys do. 
One little boy who had an aversion to Spiderman, mask or no got a bit upset when playing nearby. His Dad then proceeded to tell his son, who quite frankly needed to man up a little bit, that it wasn't the real Spiderman and that it was a poor impression of him anyway. 
Thankfully the toddler was too busy playing to care what was said and thankfully I didn't hear him. My Mum did hear him however and was pretty disgusted. 
What a horrible thing to say about a little boy who was obviously enjoying himself with his birthday present. 

I know its mean but I now wish that I hadn't encouraged the toddler to take the mask off and that he had pretended to 'web' the kid in the face!! 

Anyway if said man is ever to be seen again Mary Jane (aka me) will have to politely tell him where he can shove his ideas of poor impressions! 

Bet you didn't know Spiderman rode a bike. Safety first though!

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  1. My son loves his Spiderman outfit too. He got it for his 3rd birthday in January and he's worn it everywhere. I would say *big raspberry* to that silly man, and his son sounds like he needs to get his own superhero outfit to man up! xx