Sunday, 1 July 2012

Did you know?

Mummy....did you know that thunder and lightening is made when you shoot those things out of the shooty thing into the sky and they make a loud noise and things?

Nobody told me that once a child turns four they becoming an expert in all things.

My son with the extensive knowledge and wisdom that he has obtained in his four years on this planet now unquestionably knows more about everything than I do. 

I love the concentration on his face when he genuinely thinks he is telling me something very complicated and clever that I know nothing about. 

As much as I am anxious about him starting school in September because he's a sensitive little man the thirst for knowledge is so evident in him that I know he needs the school environment. 

These are the questions I get asked frequently during the day:

Mummy....what day is it?
Mummy....what date is it?
Mummy....what are we doing today?
Mummy....what are we doing in the morning?
Mummy.....why (regarding most things)?

He's a bright little chap and I am making the most of enjoying him thinking he knows more than me because I am quite sure that after a few years at school he probably will do.

He is a complete expert when it comes to his baby brother. I think because the three of us spend lots of time together when ever anyone else is in the mix (even Daddy) the toddler is quick to correct you. This could be regarding what his baby brothers favourite toys are, his favourite food, whether he is tired or not or even whether the baby has done a poo or if he has just done "some smelly trumps." 

The other night the hubby and I went out for a curry whilst the boys enjoyed the excitement of Mamma and Grandpops babysitting. I suggested the toddler watch his new film 'Monster In Paris' with Mamma and Grandpops before bed because they had never seen it. His face absolutely lit up at the thought of him being able to show his Grandpops something that he didn't know anything about! My Dad was in stitches telling us how the toddler had sat explaining every element of the film to him and flushing up because he was taking it all so seriously. 

I love watching his little face when he is explaining something to me. My favourite thing is when he frowns, mid sentence like he is lost in thought and then because he has forgotten what he wanted to say he says something completely random! Hilarious. 

He is growing up far too fast!

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