Friday, 6 July 2012


Today, for a couple of hours my mind was taken off all things toddler and baby, all things houseworky and all things mumsy.
I had my first job interview for a number of years but for what actually feels like an eternity! 

I enjoy being a stay at home Mum most of the time. My purse however does not have the same affection towards the situation. 
I applied for a job that will not be regular hours and mostly weekend work but it is doing something that I think I would really enjoy and a bit of extra cash would be useful. 
However, once I had sent off the application form I didn't really expect to hear anything back so when I got invited for an interview I had very mixed emotions!

My first thoughts revolved around the excitement of having to dress smartly rather than wearing whatever comfy garments I can lay my hands on. 
Then came the nerves at the thought of having to answer questions from professional people that I did not know when I haven't been in any sort of business/working environment for eighteen months. 
Next arrived the worry/guilt over having to think about leaving the littlest little one. However, this was coupled with the knowledge that this person would most likely be a grandparent and that a small amount of separation would probably do us both good. 

Overall I was quite excited about the whole thing. The prospect of a few hours to myself, after the interview maybe I would take advantage and visit a few shops and go for a coffee... who knows!

Then it rained.
Then it continued to rain.
Then it rained some more.

The fairly relaxed preparation for, journey too, and time to myself after the interview turned into a chaotic, soaking mad dash to simply arrive in one piece! 

The state of the roads and the continuation of the rain meant the original plans for who was on babysitting duty were scuppered. 
New plans were made fairly last minute and as I was scrambling the kids into the car my toddler decided to inform me that...  "you are going to be late for your 'jobin' Mummy! Knowing he meant job interview I thanked him for reminding me of this and we set off!

Anyway despite this, the silly amount of water on the roads, the frantic rate of my not so useful window wipers and  it looking like I was driving into the abyss the sky was that dark and scary, I arrived two minutes before the interview time! 

The interview seemed to go OK, I wont find out until next week if I got the job or not but even if not I have to say despite the madness I really enjoyed myself!

It was great having a bit of time away from the day to day routine and giving the brain a bit of a much needed work out. 
The interview was great experience and has made me see that although it is my favourite job in the world, I am more than just a Mummy!


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