Monday, 30 July 2012

Normality returns....

Far too much time has passed since I last posted on my blog.

To follow on from my last post, I got the job that the 'jobin' was for! I am very excited about doing something new and interesting and meeting new people. It is looking like I will start in September.

Due to holidays and a post-holiday persistent bugger of a virus, I have had neither the time or energy to do anything other than the absolute necessities! 

However, I can steadily feel energy reserves returning to something like normality (zero by the end of the day instead of in the minus figures) and instead of instantly collapsing into a heap to watch Dexter or just go to bed I have the urge to blog again!

It was very recently my 28th birthday. It was a weekday so the other half was at work but I had a lovely day with the kids. 
When I was genuinely thrilled by the fact that at nine am on my birthday the baby had gone down for his morning nap very easily and myself and the other boy were still in our pj's watching Wall-E, I reflected on how different birthdays are now I am a mummy!

Who cares about fancy presents.....I was wishing for a non-teething day, a few moments peace scattered here and there and a few cuddles with my favourite little people in the world. 
My wishes came true. 

Only a mother could enjoy a birthday that starts with a pre-six am wake up call, a very smelly present left in a certain baby's nappy and Captain Barnacles and the rest of the Octonauts acting far to loud and enthusiastic.

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