Friday, 6 April 2012

Hot stones...yes please!

Last year when littlest little man was starting to get better and light was appearing at the end of the tunnel I decided to book a massage for the mother and me. I was sure some serious de-stressing would be necessary.

Due to the non-stop pace of general motherhood we have only just recently had these long awaited massages. 

One hour and fourty minutes of hot stone bliss!

The massages were carried out by Jacqueline at Calm Beauty in Beeston. The massage involved hot stones on our legs and feet, backs, shoulders and arms. There was also a mini facial included at the end of the massage.
I opted for the use of the calming aromatherapy oils and they worked a treat!
The hot stones are so relaxing, you can feel the tension being worked out of your muscles. Lovely!

Make sure you have a couple of hours to yourself after the massage because I made the mistake of going home to a chaotic house and felt a bit wobbly on my legs. I told the other half I needed a minute and fell fast asleep on the bed! I was definitely relaxed. 

I think every mum deserves to treat themselves to a bit of pampering every now and again and I would definitely recommend you try pampering hot stone style!


  1. sounds amazing and very well deserved! Ax

  2. I love a hot stones massage and would recommend one to anyone. As a mummy I know how busy we can be book another one for a cpl of months time as another treat x

  3. Good idea, might just do that. Will be nice to have some more pampering to look forward too.

  4. I get really sore shoulders from a tiny curve in my spine and stress. I was thinking about getting one of those Thai Massages to get rid of the knots, but to be honest am a bit scared. These stones sound lush though. May have to get my cousin to book us a treatment the next time I go and visit (she gets discount at the local spa lol) xx

    1. I think it would help, my back felt loads better the day after the massage. Well worth a go.