Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Karen over at 365 Pearls of Wisdom was lovely enough to give me this award! Please check out her wonderful blog and have a good read!

As per the rules of this fab linky I now have to tell you seven things about myself so here goes....

1. In my last job I worked as a Smokefree Compliance Officer.

2. I don't like seafood.

3. Chesney Hawkes' 'I am The One and Only' was mine and my friends' favourite song at university. We have drunkenly requested this song on every night out and have screamed like teenagers whilst watching Chesney perform said song.

4. I want to write a novel.

5. Before getting married my husband and I purchased an aquarium, a lovely hamster called Ritchie and two guinea pigs called Hedge and Hog.

6. I love vampire fiction.

7. Last night I had a dream that I found a celebrities dog. Then the dog got in bed with my son and my husband. My husband is allergic to dogs so it didn't end well. It was an odd dream.

I am now going to pass this award onto five lovely bloggers of my choice:

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Enjoy these wonderful blogs.

For those who I've nominated here are the rules: 1. Link back to who nominated you. 2. Write seven things about your lovely selves. 3. Nominate five other blogs to receive the award.

Have fun xx


  1. Lol, I love the bit about your dream, who was the celebrity? X

    1. I don't know who it was, just someone who couldn't come pick up the dog because of security reasons! Whats that about!! Thanks for the award

  2. Ooh thank you hun for tagging me :-) I am not feeling 100% today but will try and do this later on this afternoon/evening. I love that song too by the way *points finger up to the ceiling nods head while humming the tune* lol xx

  3. write a novel!? how ambitious. I have always wanted to do that- but, I don't think I could ever complete it. ha. And How funny about buying a little "farm" of animals before getting married! cute blog! xo

  4. Hi Aimee, thanks for tagging me! I've just done my '7 things about me' so please pop over to have a look when you've got a spare minute!

    I used to love that Chesney song too! X