Monday, 26 March 2012

eau de baby...

I love the dramatic change in seasons that we see here in the UK. 

My favourite season is autumn with the smell of the fallen leaves bursting up when we're crunching through them hunting for chestnuts. Spring is pretty amazing too, the sunshine arriving bringing with it all the scents of the new flowers, the cut grass and even the odd brave soul firing up the BBQ!

This post is all about smells because I have made the executive decision that baby smell, if bottled, would be a world wide best seller!

Having children in the house can sometimes be a bit of an assault on the nostrils. Little ones can produce some rather unpleasant odours! 

I still love the smell of my toddler obviously but he doesn't have the baby smell any more and I wonder at what age kids lose this?

When our baby was born last year and had to stay in hospital for two months I remember being convinced that I wouldn't get to know his smell and that he would lose it by the time I got him home.

This is what our littlest one smelt of for the first eight weeks of his life. Stellisept.

I (or the nurse) had to squirt some of this into some warm water and use some gauze to clean our tiny little man twice a day. It doesn't really smell unpleasant but I felt like I was washing away his natural baby smell. 
Usually we give our babies a bath in some lovely soft bubbles which just adds to the deliciousness of their odour but I'm afraid this stuff just didn't have the same affect. 

I made the mistake of opening the bottle to have a whiff when I took this photo. Its amazing how our sense of smell can provoke such strong memories and emotions in an instant.

Thankfully I was very wrong and when the happy day arrived when we could take our baby home I learned his smell in no time. 
I think being on solid foods slowly starts the process of them losing their baby smell and our little guy is seven months old now so I'm making the most of it while it lasts.
What makes babies smell so yummy?
Maybe a combination of the sweet smell of milk and the gentle products we use to keep their skin lovely and soft? 

I genuinely wish that it could be bottled so I could always have it to remind me of when the boys were just chubby little bundles of loveliness. 

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