Friday, 16 March 2012

Mother of all questions

I was tagged on twitter by Gemma at Alwaysamummy to answer 'The mother of all questions'. With Mothers Day around the corner I thought it was good timing to have a go at answering them. After I've answered them I'm supposed to think of some new questions and tag some lovely mummy bloggers so here goes...

1. Sum up parenthood
The most rewarding experience I'll ever have. Also the most physically and mentally demanding job I'll ever do!

2. How has your relationship changed with your partner since your first arrival?
We certainly argue more than we used too but that's because when we do finally get a bit of time together at the end of the day we're both shattered! I think our relationship is stronger than ever because of how much we needed each other when our little one was so poorly last year.

3. Are you going on holiday this year? If so what type of hols are you taking your little one/s to?
We're going to Newquay in Cornwall for a week in the summer, staying in a caravan. We've already started on our attempt to get in lots of little weekend trips to the seaside (see post)

4. What do you think of Gina Ford?
We've only ever referred to Gina Ford when our oldest was a baby and we were desperate to get him to go to bed better. (See next question)

5. Do you agree with 'controlled crying?' If so did it work?
Yes and Yes! 

6. Whats one piece of advice you would give to an expectant first-time mum/dad?
My practical advice would be to put your baby down for naps in its cot/basket from an early age as we didn't with our first and that is how the problems with him going to sleep started. 
I know everyone does but I would also say make sure you really take in those quiet moments with your baby when your just staring into each others eyes - they don't stay babies for long!

7. What's your child's/children's favourite food?
The littlest one has only just started on solids so has yet to choose a favourite but the toddlers favourite without a doubt is spaghetti bolognese! Messy.

8. It's lunch time and your dining in a restaurant . There aren't many diners. Your excitable baby is babbbling/screaming and blowing raspberries loudly on their high chair. How do you react?
I wouldn't take my young children anywhere for dinner that wasn't family friendly so I would just laugh it off and most likely join in with the raspberry blowing!

9. Whats your biggest worry?
That my youngest sons health problems with affect or restrict his life as he grows up.

10. What makes you smile?
When my toddler says somethings so grown up and unexpected. For example when my husband asked him the other day how he thought we would get to the seaside his answer was..."we'll use the sat- nav daddy." Classic. 

I'm keeping some of the original questions in because I enjoyed answering them (and I'm being lazy!) Here goes...

1. Sum up parenthood
2. What is your favourite part of the day?
3. Are you going on holiday this year, if so what type of hols are you taking your little one/s to?
4. Have you tried baby led weaning? If so what did you think?
5.Whats one piece of advice you would give to an expectant first-time mum/dad? 
6. If anything what would you do different during the first few months of your first-born's life?
7. What's your favourite 'me time' activity?
8. Whats your biggest worry?
9.  What makes you smile?
10. How do you make your little one/s smile?

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