Monday, 5 March 2012

"I get so emotional baby...."

Since having kids I've found my emotions are majorly heightened and I'm sure most parents would say the same.
Don't get me wrong I didn't have a heart of stone before giving birth to my first child but since his arrival and then the arrival of his brother it takes very little to make me cry whether they be tears of happiness or sadness...

This masterpiece was created by my oldest at pre-school. His key worker came rushing over to tell me that she had never seen a child concentrate on drawing a picture as much as he did. Its the first time he has drawn a picture with all four of us on and it actually made me cry! I was rather embarrassed by my insane outburst of emotion so we made a sharp exit out of the building that day. 
Later that day I was also quite emotional about how rotund the picture of me is. Zumba is obviously not paying off yet. Might have something to do with all the cake (see previous post!)

Example of times when I regretted choosing superlash instead of waterproof:

  • Older child's first participation in the Christmas nativity (Cutest and also tallest three year old donkey I've ever seen)
  • One Born Every Minute - Every episode. 
  • When Nemo is reunited with his Dad/ The majority of 'The Lion King'/ The beginning of 'Up'/ Basically most Disney films.
  • Every time I hear the song 'Wires' by Athlete
  • Seeing my oldest son's bottom lip wobble as he tries to be brave when I leave him at preschool

Our baby's traumatic start to life and his illness has been and will continue to be a trigger for many emotions.

 Parents that we speak to about our experience when our youngest was born that haven't had to deal with anything similar often exclaim that they don't think that they would be able to cope. The fact is you do. I've cried at random old dogs with limps, old people that look lonely and television charity appeals to name but a few. And yet when it comes to it you are braver than you think and the instinct of having a responsibility to stay strong for your child really kicks in. 

I have recently said to my husband that I couldn't cope if we were told the little one needs more surgery. Deep down I know that this is not the case and that whatever he needs to go through  I'll be there every step of the way.

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