Monday, 12 March 2012

I do love to be beside the seaside...

This weekend the family four ventured to Blackpool for some fun in the sun (well maybe the cloud) but it was lots of fun none the less.

We've decided not to go abroad on holiday this year; partly due to financial circumstances and partly due to not wanting the stress of taking baby boy overseas. I'm sure he would be absolutely fine but I think we would be rather nervous about his health. Hopefully with time confidence will grow and we'll be jet setting soon enough!

Cornwall is our summer holiday of choice but we're going to try and get lots of weekend breaks and days out in between now and then. 

I have to say there is not much more I enjoy than the sights, smells, tastes and thrills of the good old British seaside. 
This weekend we did all of the classic seaside past times: walks along the promenade; sand castle building and donkey rides on the beach; arcades and rides on the pier; a trip to the life boat station; fish and chips!

A lot of money has been spent on attracting visitors back to Blackpool and it shows. The promenade is very modern and clean and new sculptures and attractions are going up all the time. The beach was looking great and despite my toddlers disappointment that he couldn't swim in the sea he enjoyed playing on the sand immensely.

We stayed at the Travelodge hotel (South shore), I booked the room a few months ago and got a savers rate so it cost just under £25 for a family room. The room was basic as expected but comfortable and clean and an excitement in itself for the biggest little man. All you can eat breakfast was an added bonus for us all....Yum!

Here are a few of our other favourite UK seaside destinations that I would recommend to anyone at the drop of a hat:

Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire. 
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.
Sherringham, Norfolk.
Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Crantock/Newquay, Cornwall.

These weekends are all about spoiling the kids, and ourselves. I don't mind admitting that our toddler has always been spoiled. We have rules and routines at home but when we are away those go out of the window! Its quite a concern how much the littlest monkey man will be spoiled given it wasn't always a certainty he would get to see the seaside. 

Building memories, good times. 


  1. I've never been abroad so its always a good old British holiday for us, I do love ebing beside the sea side tho and hope to get at least a few good trips in this year :) x

  2. More and more people seem to be wanting to stay in the UK for holidays recently, hopefully this will encourage council's to keep making improvements to tourist hot spots like they have in Blackpool.

  3. I used to get a day trip to Blackpool every year as a kid and we loved it! Would love to take my children to the illuminations byut hubs is totally against the idea - he thinks it's all tacky and nasty these days - is it really that bad?

    1. We went for the illuminations last year and they were fantastic, my toddler was mesmerized by the trams all lit up. Of course there are elements of tacky and nasty but I think there are in a lot of the popular holiday destinations whether in the UK or abroad. The beach was beautiful, not a spot of litter to be seen. We were quite happy building sandcastles and walking on the pier's but there are lots of other attractions that have been recommended to us: The Tower (going up to top, circus and ballroom); Sealife Centre and Sandcastles swimming centre. Might be worth trying to persuade hubby to go if only to reminisce about childhood holidays! x

  4. I used to spend many weekends in Blackpool and have stayed at a few hotels along the sea front. It's an incredibly popular destination for families.

    CJ x

  5. There the best holidays and especially donkey rides. I remember really well going on them when I was younger. Kels first beach holiday she was 10 months and enjoyed it :) Can't wait for Kai to have his xx