Thursday, 1 March 2012

'Un-break' my heart

Bringing things up to speed...

My hubby and I have two lovely boys, the first is now three and a half years old going on thirteen. My pregnancy with boy numero uno was without complication and labour was relatively straight forward. He weighed in at nine pounds two and was a perfectly healthy baby and till now (touch wood) has never suffered with anything more serious than a nasty bout of broncholitis and sickness.

In between having our boys I suffered a miscarriage at eleven weeks which meant when I fell pregnant with the most recent addition the early stages were filled with caution and anxiety. However, after getting passed twelve weeks I started to relax a little. At twenty weeks I was told I had placenta previa and would need a later scan to assess whether or not the baby would have to be delivered by cesarean section.

We never got to have that scan because at thirty-one weeks plus six I had a bleed and after less than an hour at hospital the doctors had made the decision to deliver baby by emergency c-section because they were very concerned about his heart after hooking me/him up to the monitors.

The doctors had seen that baby's heart was beating far too fast and when he was delivered he was whisked away before we got to see him and before my husband had even heard what sex he was!

Our little man was in three different hospitals for the first eight weeks of his life. There were numerous occasions when we did not know if he was going to survive. We went through the most distressing time of our lives and at the same time had to care for and try to explain the situation to our toddler.

Having had one baby who was perfectly healthy you naively assume your next is going to be the same. What a shock to the system and what an eye opener. Before we were thrust into the world of poorly babies and children we were fortunately ignorant to the distress families can go through and the battles some babies and children have to go through for their lives.

Ignorance is bliss.

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