Sunday, 18 March 2012

I love you as much as a cupcake...

My Mothers Day Weekend

We have an unwritten rule in our house that special occasions must last longer than a day. It's the law. So, mothers/fathers days are worthy of a whole weekend, you get a week for your birthday and the build up to the next Christmas starts on Boxing Day.

This is my first mothers day as a mummy to two little monkeys rather than one. Given the trauma of our little fighters arrival last year I don't mind admitting that I felt like a bit of spoiling (of me) was completely necessary and deserved.

I haven't been disappointed and the loveliness started on Friday when the hubby arrived home from work with a big bunch of mumsy flowers complete with 'Mothers Day' helium balloon! The toddler has found much delight from walking round the house with 'my' balloon bobbing above his head.

Toddler had a birthday party to attend Saturday lunch time. Boy numero two has been a bit grizzly of late. The prime suspect for the cause of his distress being some teeth trying to poke their way out. It was thus decided that I would take toddler to the party and hubby would stay at home with the grizzly one! This meant I got to spend a couple of hours just be and boy number one which was a rare treat.

My folks came over Saturday afternoon and enjoyed some cuddle/play time with the boys. Being the lovelies that they are my Mum had made me a card thanking me for being a great Mum to their grandsons (weep) and they also gave me a book called I want my Mum to read to the boys. Mum had seen the book and thought of me. The Little Princess's favourite saying of "I want my Mum" reminded her of both my toddler, who is very much a mummy's boy but also of me (very much still a mummy's girl). At the end of the story the Little Princess is finally brave and leaves her Mum for the night which causes the Queen (Mum) to say "I want my Little Princess!" Ha so true!

Saturday afternoon quickly turned to Saturday night (as it usually does) and once the boys were in bed it was curry and booze time. After far too much curry and far too much wine and far too much reminiscing about embarrassing drunken youth behaviour and far too much losing at the game of perudo (on my part) it was time for the parental's to go home (obviously my dad being the designated driver had not participated in the far too much wine). It was a great night. 

The boys were obviously unaware that mothers should get a lie in on mothers day and were awake before six Sunday morning. However we did manage to get them to stay in their own beds till almost seven. When officially allowed to be awake the toddler gave me a big kiss and cuddle and a bag full of mothers day goodies which included...

            Breaking Dawn, chocolates, sweets and wine!!! They know me so well. Was rather pleased. 

It has been the most bizarre day weather wise and we woke up to heavy rain which turned to snow but that did not put a dampner on the morning as we spent the majority of it in our pj's and enjoyed a lovely later than usual breakfast. 

When the sun decided to show its face we got out for a nice walk...

I shed a few secret tears when I was getting baby boy dressed this morning. Seeing his surgery scars just reminded me of how close we were to losing him and how different mothers day could have been. These moments don't last long though when there is a toddler running round playing 'Lightening Mcqueen'  you are quickly thrust back into the present. Thank goodness for that. 

A perfect mothers day weekend.

p.s. 'I love you as much as a cupcake' because that's what one of the stickers said in my lovely mothers day card decorated by boy number one and it made us both giggle! 


  1. ah thats lovely! Loving the idea of extended celebrations - does that mean more presents?! :-) didnt realise you had baby woes last year, hope he's strong as an ox now.. Happy first mothers day Monday!!

  2. Love love lovee this idea!!!! My first mothers day didn't get off to the start I was hoping for but it ended up being the perfect day with my little girl and her dad!

    Your blog is great; as soon as I work out how to follow blogs I will follow yours!!


    1. Thanks hun, glad to hear you had a lovely mothers day.